Ann Little graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1996. 

"Most of my jewellery incorporates slate or enamel. When I first set up in business I concentrated on hand cutting and filing slate, sometimes inlaying silver and mother-of-pearl. With the purchase of a kiln for enamelling I began to introduce colour combining enamel with slate, making many pieces reversible to give the wearer a choice of colour. I use enamel powder dry, sprinkling on thin layers of colour, sometimes drawing into the powder enamel or rubbing it back once fired to reveal colours underneath. I also enamel on thin copper shim overheating the enamel to make it burn away from the raised marks that are scored into the metal. My latest work now involves simple, bold shapes."

Public Collections include:

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum.

National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh.


  • Ann Little

    Enamel Earrings

    Silver and enamel
    £80 - £100
    Please contact the gallery for available colours
  • Ann Little

    Reversible Necklace (Triple) View I

    silver and enamel
  • Ann Little

    Reversible Necklace (Triple) View II