Sara, who studied tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art, has won a number of awards and prizes, including the Polish Artists' Union Prize at the 10th international Tapestry Triennial in Lodz.

"This tapestry’s origins owe more to a skyscape than a landscape; however, the two can‘t exist with out each other. This is a softer, calmer piece.

The grey linen is an older yarn that was given to me and is irreplaceable. It lifts the design, emphasising the height rather than the weight of a landscape/ sky scape. I used the white, unbleached wool to soften the grey, adding depth and tone. At the bottom of this tapestry is black linen, again this has a softening effect, anchoring the design and drawing with in the weaving, sandwiching the white band.

Choosing each yarn is as important to me and the tapestry as making the original drawing. If I used linen for the whites, it would be too harsh, stripping the grey of its colour. A black glossy wool would be too strong and dominate, bring the bottom of the tapestry to the fore. The yarn must work to help balance and convey the feel and mood. It is vital in the interpretation of the drawing, bringing the tapestry to life, making a piece of art in it’s own right. My intention is never to just copy a drawing/ painting using yarn." Sara Brennan, statement for Broken White band with Old Grey.

  • Sara Brennan

    Broken Black Band With New Grey/Blue

    Tapestry - wool, cotton and linen
    H:74cm W:93cm
    Photograph: Shannon Tofts