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The new work seems a faultless progression reflecting the different loci of her creative output: West Linton, Edinburgh and Venice. The distinctive tonality of her work evokes a musical analogy; like the dodecaphony of late Stravinsky, a profound mood is set while her rich and varied palette and iconography takes us to different emotional places.

In Venice a mood is evoked just beyond comprehension; textures are complex; the city is as much about loss and decay as about beauty and the artist’s observations are a journey into her own past as well as the city’s: partially revealed, enigmatic insights, emotional rubbings taken from the city’s walls. In Scotland the patterns of trees against light or as shadows on a pale blind continue to inspire her. It is predominantly a wintry vision, the cool counterpoint to an Italianate landscape near Perugia, the viewer somehow secure indoors looking at a garden or hillside laid bare and beautiful. Her subject is evolution, both genetic and cultural and the contemplative pause that we allow ourselves in front of a work of art is what makes us what we are.

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