Sell with Us

THE SCOTTISH GALLERY offers a comprehensive and discreet service to those seeking advice on valuation or wishing to sell works of art. Sometimes it will be our advice to seek an appraisal with an auctioneer but these days the costs of conducting business at auction, particularly for a potential vendor, are such that The Gallery option is much more attractive in several ways. It has always been the case that auction, where there is no upper limit for what someone might pay for your property, is attractive to the optimist.

However the same cheery attitude can be met with failure quite beyond the auctioneers’ control: the business must be conducted at a particular time on a particular day which might be the same day as a stock market crash or a severe weather event, ensuring a bad day at the theatre of the rostrum.

A picture selling on the reserve might be disappointing; a lot failing to sell at all ‘bought in’ would be reoffered in a few months at around half the first reserve and is effectively burned for the next audience. As to costs the seller will be met with a few percentage points for insurance, cataloguing charges, a 10-15% charge for the sales service and then of course another 25% will be charged to the buyer (as well as artist resale rights at 4% of the hammer price where appropriate) giving a spread between what is paid by the buyer and what is remitted to the vendor of around 40%. This all in the full glare of publicity.

How much better to have an entirely private and discreet arrangement with The Scottish Gallery who will take every consideration into account and charge considerably less for so doing. Do get in touch for a free appraisal and advice from Guy Peploe, Tommy Zyw (Fine Art) and Christina Jansen (Objects), who between them have over sixty years of experience of the market to draw on.