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Andrea Geile | Fertile Ground

28 June 2023

Gallery artist Andrea Geile has been honoured with a major solo exhibition in her hometown of Bremen, Germany. Fertile Ground at Gerhard Marcks Haus features over 50 works, including large scale work and smaller sculptures cast in bronze which were made in her Scottish studio and at the ArcelorMittal steelworks in Bremen. Read on for more about the exhibition in Bremen or view work available at The Scottish Gallery here.

The artist captures snapshots of movement, growth and transience: meter-high Scots Pines (pines) are represented in her work as well as leaves blown about by the wind. The combination of the material with the theme of nature results in opposites such as durability and transience, heaviness and lightness.

Andrea Geile has lived and worked in Edinburgh since 1995. Geile finds inspiration in the Scottish landscape creating sculpture made from weatherproof Corten steel. Over the years, Geile has become synonymous with our gallery garden.

Geile’s sculptures are handmade from Corten steel; a weatherproof steel that forms a protective layer which stops further corrosion. They therefore have an unlimited life span and do not stain. The patterns are first drawn onto sheet metal then hand cut, assembled like a 3D puzzle and finally welded together.

We are very excited to be working with Geile on a major show of her work at The Gallery in 2024!

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