Åse-Marit Thorbjørnsrud

Born: 1956
Place of Birth: Drøbak, Norway

Originally from Drøbak in Norway, Åse-Marit Thorbjørnsrud graduated from the Danish College of Jewellery and Silversmithing (now Institute of Precious Metals) in 1985. She has since participated in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally. 

Her jewellery is handcrafted using mainly precious metals to create intricately folded and repetitive-patterned pieces. This collection is based on her Mother's dahlias;

'I grew up in a garden full of dahlias. The dahlias were my mother`s pride and joy. Now I have inherited them - the responsibility and the pleasure. They cannot take any frost, so they must be planted out in spring and brought back inside in the autumn - an annual ritual. The slightest touch of frost will suffice to wither the plant. But life is preserved in the tuber and next year it starts all over again. Through caring for the dahlias I have gained a greater understanding of and respect for the consideration my mother paid them and what they meant to her.'

Public collections include:

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, Norway; Schleswig-Hollsteinisches Landesmuseum, Germany; Akershus Art Centre, Lillestrøm, Norway; Møre og Romsdal Art Centre, Molde, Norway.