Alison McGill lives and works in Edinburgh and has been a practicing artist since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1998. Her central subject is the Scottish landscape and shores, which she creates in her distinctive abstract style. As a student, under the tutelage of Victoria Crowe, Alison first experimented in mixing wax and paint to create heavily impastoed textures and painterly surfaces. The mastery of technique in allowing the wax to flow and evolve has been honed and developed over years of practice; excavating and melting the layers of the painting to reveal multiple layers of melded colours, to capture earth contours, rock strata and impressions of the land in its elemental state. In the hands of Alison McGill the landscape moves from real, observed locations to lyrical abstraction.

‘I prefer to leave the interpretation of my paintings up to the individual, hoping to evoke a sense of calm through my work and to offer an escape to the viewer - a chance to reflect and gain a new perspective on life.’
- Alison McGill

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Alison McGill took part in the Realist & Lyrical Landscapes exhibition in September 2020


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