Andrea Walsh

Born: 1974
Place of Birth: Stockport, England

Andrea Walsh studied fine art at Staffordshire University before completing an MA in glass design at Edinburgh College of Art in 2001. In 2009 Andrea was awarded a residency with Wedgwood from the British Ceramics Biennial. During her time at the factory she developed her practice, combining glass and ceramics, and was inspired by the Minton brand archives. Andrea’s boxes and fine vessels continue to develop, becoming increasingly refined with new shapes and forms. The combination of glass and ceramics is now encompassing new materials which have helped inform her recent body of work.

“I am fascinated by materials, by their inherent characteristics and symbolism, together with the historical associations and familiarity that they signify. My practice has focused specifically on working with ceramics and glass over the past ten years, creating box and container forms which explore and celebrate the qualities that these ancient and alchemic materials share, including their clarity, purity and translucency. Exploring ideas of preciousness and value through considered, tactile objects, I wish to encourage a spontaneous response to the work. Inspired by a passion for exquisite craftsmanship I seek to make pieces that embrace investigation, and some themes akin with jewellery prevail, such as to hold, contemplate and cherish.” - Andrea Walsh, 2015.

Public Collections include: 

Victoria & Albert Museum, London; National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh