Andrew Lamb

Born: 1978

Andrew Lamb graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2000.  He completed his Masters at the Royal College in 2004 and now exhibits and sells his award winning jewellery worldwide, with work featuring in prestigious public collections in the UK and abroad. 
His interest in illusion and the mesmerizing visual effects of 'Optical Art' are cleverly adapted into his jewellery designs. By incorporating these principals, his aim is to create striking, yet delicately shaped pieces which appear to shift and change as the eye moves across them. 

Andrew also finds inspiration in the linear patterns and structures abundant in nature and woven textiles. With these in mind, he uses a combination of fine lengths of 18ct gold and silver wire to construct sculptural, three-dimensional jewellery. The wire, layered, twisted or overlapping to create pieces with rippling textures and subtle colour variations playfully drawing the eye and creating a moment of surprise.

Andrew Lamb's last solo exhibition with The Scottish Gallery was 4 - 24 December 2013.

  • Lenticular Pendant & Brooch
    Andrew Lamb

    Lenticular Pendant & Brooch

    18ct yellow and white gold
    H:2cm W:5cm
    Photograph: Graham Clark