Angus Richardson is an Edinburgh based furniture maker. Having a background in seating restoration, at the end of 2012 he set off to acquire the skills needed to make fine furniture which took him to places of learning from Norfolk to Gloucestershire and from from West Sussex to British Columbia.

The journey has allowed consideration of which materials he prefers to use and how to apply them in a fresh way. Working with the wood, he delights in emphasising the grain, highlighting unusual aspects and composing and orienting component parts to lend harmony to the pieces he makes.

'With the Wee Chair, the ash was re-sawn, turned, jointed and shaped in my workshop to my drawings, and the rush seat woven. Part tongue-in-cheek/part serious it is the first in a project which explores the possibilities of taking forward the traditional rush-seated chairs of Gimson, Gardiner, Clissett and Neal and creating seats which offer greater comfort. The thistle motifs at the top of the legs reference the use of natural symbols in the work of Arts and Crafts makers.' - Angus Richardson, 2021


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