Beth Legg's pieces explore ideas of landscape, object and memory. A keen observer, her bench has been likened to a laboratory where she works instinctively with her materials rather than contriving designs beforehand. The remote environment she comes from on the far north coast of Scotland has strongly influenced the work she produces.

"The found objects I use are metaphors for recovered memory. I see these materials as artefacts which have a powerful relationship with the environment I have taken them from. Away from the wearer I would like my pieces to take on the character of individual still lives through the contrasts I seek to evoke in my assemblages."

Beth's neckpiece 'Hinterlands II' from 2009 has been accepted into the V&A's permanent collection.

  • Andromache’s Pin
    Beth Legg

    Andromache’s Pin

    oxidised silver and Fife slate
    H:3cm W:3cm D:0.7cm