Bob Crooks

Born: 1965
Place of Birth: London

Bob Crooks is one of Britain’s leading glass artists. He has established a strong reputation for his exceptional blown glasswork with sophisticated use of colour and technique. Each piece is handmade and uses a variety of hot and cold working processes.

"For twenty years I have continued my passion for the pursuit of perfection within my work. The endless metamorphic qualities of hot glass, combined with traditional British, Italian and Scandinavian techniques and a 'love affair' with the material have been synthesised into my work."

Public collections include: 

The National Museums of Scotland; The Victoria & Albert Museum; Fitzwilliam Collection, Cambridge.

The Scottish Gallery hosted a Bob Crooks exhibition during the Edinburgh International Festival, August 2014. 

Crooks will be the subject of a solo exhibition in December 2017.

  • Lineweavers: Monochrome Trio
    Bob Crooks

    Lineweavers: Monochrome Trio

    Three pieces
    Tallest measures H:27 x W:16 cm
  • Slate on slate with lemon
    Bob Crooks

    Slate on slate with lemon

    Handblown glass on slate, part of the Cherry Blossom Flower Bomb Collection
    Photograph: Ian Jackson