Choi Keeryong

Born: 1976
Place of Birth: South Korea

Choi’s intention for creating this body of work is to explore how the ambiguity of an individual’s cultural interpretation can help to create the state of “uncanni-ness” in the audience’s visual experiences. He believes that this “uncanni-ness” provokes emotions and feelings and Choi manipulates this powerful tool within his artistic practice to promote the awareness of stereotypes in individual’s cultural understanding.

Developing inlaid colouring techniques inspired by the ancient Korean “Saggam” pottery allows him to explore the state of ambiguity in visual experience by delineating geometric patterns and counterfeit letters onto glass artworks and encapsulating them in between the layers of transparent glass. The use of historical symbolism of tea and the popularity of English manufactured ceramic teapots are the metaphor for the cultural stereotype in both West and East.

‘My artistic approach is inspired by my personal experiences of being in-between-ness in terms of my current cultural location.’

  • Choi Keeryong

    Korean Glass 32 & Korean Glass 33

    Blown glass and ceramic parts from English manufactured teapots
    H:16-17cm W:13-14cm
    £500 each
  • Choi Keeryong

    Korean Glass 1

    Blown glass and ceramic parts from English manufactured teapots
    H:20cm W:16.5cm