Christoph Straube

Christoph Straube was born in 1972 in Munich. In 1992 he apprenticed as a goldsmith at the national training college "Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck", Neugablonz, Germany. He went on to study jewellery design at Nuremberg College of Fine Arts before establishing his studio in Nuremberg in 2006.

Straube uses basic shapes which confine his jewellery in terms of form and functionality. These constraints allow him to experience even more creative freedom. The rings are focused on their simple shape, though reminiscent of traditional jewellery. Some of them are made just like models by cutting out and giving 3-dimensionality by folding. Others act like signet rings which do not show a specific symbol but just a universal geometry. The necklaces are reminiscent of sketch-like ink drawings by means of finely painted black enamel lines on a white background coating. Traces from the work process like slight colour changes and enamel dust are left deliberately to allow each piece to maintain its graphical character. By a gradual change of drafted perspective an illusionary three-dimensional space and therefore an unreal appearance of the pieces is created.


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