Cleo Mussi

Cleo Mussi’s life size mosaics are immersed in an evolutionary and historical timeline. They explore the British landscape, which has evolved since Neolithic times with the conscious and unconscious introduction of seeds and plants from Europe and further afield. Waves of immigrants introduced plants and seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes. Plants naturalised and spread through cultivation or as weeds along well-trodden migratory paths are now established as part of our diverse landscape. Often tied up with traditional folklore, fairylore, superstition and agricultural toil, these plants and weeds are now so familiar they are incorporated into our cultural history.

Cleo’s work is created from reclaimed and recycled ceramic tableware; the inherent qualities, forms, patterns (often floral) and glazes gleaned from the last two hundred years of British Ceramic Industry. Included are pieces from the late 18th century, which sit alongside patterns from the 1960s and those from the 21st century. A small mosaic can include pieces from up to fifty plates; each shard is selected, hand cut, combined and marshalled into place to create unique work.

Cleo was the subject of a solo exhibition - Mussi's Herbal - at The Scottish Gallery in December 2019.


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