David Cass was born in Edinburgh and brought up in the Scottish Borders. He graduated with First Class Honours from Edinburgh College of Art in 2010, receiving the Royal Scottish Academy’s John Kinross Scholarship to Florence. The RSA now holds six of his artworks in their permanent collection. Recently elected an associate member of the Royal Watercolour Society, David Cass is difficult to pigeon-hole as he works across such a wide variety of media. He’s had four painting-based solo exhibitions with The Gallery since graduating. At the age of just 22, Cass constructed his inaugural show – Unearthed which was followed by the more conceptual Years of Dust and Dry in 2013, an exhibition describing Florence’s Great Flood of 1966: Tonight Rain, Tomorrow Mud in 2015. His most recent exhibition, Pelada was held in January 2017 and captured 'everyday'  Venice.

Cass has taken a series of research trips to mainland Europe over the last few months, preparing new painted works and collaborating with environmentally focused arts organisations. One recent project of note is his work inspired by the devastating floods that swept Florence in 1966. In his own words: ‘Inspired by photographic documentation – from press, postcards, residents’ photographs – and from imagination, I’ve painted scenes with antique paints, on antique papers, card and wood. I began creating these artworks in late in 2013: 47 years after the flood which claimed over 100 lives in and around the city and destroyed hundreds of thousands of works of art and precious documents. I first visited Florence in late 2010, on a Royal Scottish Academy scholarship. I’ve returned several times since 2010, and my artistic response to the city has gradually developed.’

David Cass will be the subject of a major new exhibition Rising Horizon in February 2019.

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Years of Dust and Dry: An Exhibition by David Cass (June 2013 Exhibition Catalogue)

  • Rognon du Plan
    David Cass

    Rognon du Plan

    gouache on antique wooden drawing board
    H:80cm W:105cm
  • Distance II
    David Cass

    Distance II

    2015 - 2016
    oil on French roadsign
    H:45cm W:130cm
  • So Many Endings
    David Cass

    So Many Endings

    wooden offcuts within drawer
    H:29cm W:19cm D:11cm
  • David Cass - Artist in Residence
    David Cass

    David Cass - Artist in Residence