Delphine Nardin

Born: 1965
Place of Birth: Versailles, France

Shaped by a background in geology and archaeology, Delphine Nardin is a self-taught jeweller. Her approach is similar to that of an artist - each piece is unique and is born of her intuition and unexpected discoveries. The materials are carriers of memory and energy: sea glass made beautiful through erosion, rough stones formed billions of years ago, and other vestiges gleaned from here and there. To her obsession with materials responds her concern for contemporary form. With bold intent she creates subtle colour relationships and echoes between proportions. Horizontals and verticals, straight lines and curves, and strength and fragility are all in constant dialogue with each other. Her technical prowess in their structuring brings the jewellery pieces their lightness and mobility. Underlying is a disregard for time, to draw beauty from simplicity and to grasp a trace of the intangible.

"Discovering the frosted sea glass on the beaches of Normandy, I begin to realise unique pieces, from gleaned material. This approach, which I started during my childhood, is part of my creative process. It expresses the need to connect my work with the elements, forces of nature, linking the material to the immaterial, and creating a new link between archaeology and modernity.
The construction of each jewellery is also an opportunity to establish a dialogue between materials, associating the found object with gold or silver, in a constant quest for lightness." - Delphine Nardin


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