Dominika Kupcova

Born: 1994
Place of Birth: Slovakia

Dominika Kupcova is a recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art Silversmithing and Jewellery department, graduating in 2017. As a jewellery designer and maker she aims to create complex, eye-catching structures with an element of optical illusion, carefully constructed using repeated layers of linear pattern. The work is informed by the aesthetic properties of the DNA double helix and DNA testing outcome; inspiration generated through an interest in science and genetics since childhood. A fascination with the intricacies of human genetic make-up, uniformly structured yet individual, is echoed in the unique hand crafted pieces. Complex and detailed drawing as the primary research technique informs the three dimensional structures of the wearable objects. Dominika’s work is created using a combination of hand and manufacturing processes – time-consuming and repetitive skills of metal work and hand cutting paper alongside quicker, modern techniques such as laser cutting. The resulting body of work seamlessly combines precious metals with non-precious materials of paper and card, which are manipulated and transformed through a variety of processes into a material which is flexible and durable. Most recently Dominika won the 2017 Goldsmith's Company Precious Metal Bursary Award.