Ed Kluz, born in Suffolk, studied at Winchester School of Art. Ed is fascinated by the buildings, landscapes and objects of our cultural heritage. He seeks out the eccentric, the lost and the overlooked and in response creates works which re-examine and refresh our perception of the past.

Having made his home in Brighton, he has situated himself in a prime location for subject matter; surrounded by the decaying regency splendour that makes Brighton unique. At an early age he developed an interest in English Romanticism which remains at the core of his work.

As an artist and designer he embraces many forms of image making, from printmaking and textile design to book illustration and paper collage.

Selected commissions
Ben Pentreath Ltd; Faber & Faber; Little Toller Books; V&A; Fabric designs
for St. Jude’s.

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Ten Printmakers: St. Judes at The Scottish Gallery (July 2013)


  • Ed Kluz

    The Dunmore Pineapple

    Screenprint edition of 30
    H:15cm W:22cm
    Exclusive Print for The Scottish Gallery