Elizabeth Jane Campbell

Born: 1989
Place of Birth: Scotland

Elizabeth Jane Campbell's creative process is informed by concepts of visual literacy, and specifically, the idea of Balance. She uses these concepts in their simplest form – using shape, colour and pattern to create simple and contemporary jewellery.

Elizabeth is attracted to enamel because of its methodical process, which allows her to achieve colour, pattern and texture in a formal and structured way. Her love of this technique has led her to explore alternative materials in her work not normally associated with enamelling.
"I work with enamel, and enjoy experimenting with material relationships – whether that’s combining a material with enamel; using enamel on a different material; or simply attempting to mimic a material in enamel, such as stone or concrete. I like to use traditional enamelling skills, such as cloisonné, while always trying to put my own personal stamp on the technique."

Elizabeth's work has been exhibited across the UK and internationally. Permanent collections include The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh and The Goldsmiths' Company, London


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