Genevieve Howard

Born: 1992
Place of Birth: Dublin

Genevieve Howard is an award-winning jeweller from Dublin, Ireland, who graduated with a Degree in Metals and Jewellery from the National College of Art and Design in 2015. She is also an accomplished musician, interested in combining her skills as a designer with her passion and love for music. Fascinated with the concept of visualising and wearing music, Genevieve uses computer assisted design combined with traditional handmade and metalwork techniques to create her intriguing three-dimensional work. She creates her own CAD drawings from the architecture of various musical scores which form a graphic counterpoint to each original musical design. These graphic shapes are then laser cut from Japanese linen paper and assembled by hand. By layering hundreds and thousands of slivers, Genevieve creates wearable pieces of music that can also stand alone as sculptures in their own right.

Public collections include:

The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Gallery Marzee, The Netherlands; CODA Museum, The Netherlands.

Genevieve Howard is the subject of a solo exhibition, Tonal Rhythm, in October 2017.