George Devlin

RSW, RGI Born: 1937
Place of Birth: Glasgow
Died: 2014

George Devlin was born in Glasgow and attended GSA (1955-60), and studied extensively in Europe, after which he crossed the Sahara and lived and worked in West Africa. He set up his own painting school in Glasgow in 1969, which he transferred to France in 1989. In 1972, he presented a television series on Art for Scottish Television, and the following year he designed the set and costumes for the ballet 'Embers', toured by the Scottish Ballet. He was elected chairman of the Glasgow League of Artists in 1977, and president of several art clubs and societies, such as Glasgow Art Club, FRSA, ROI and RBA. Devlin's works include some still lifes but most are landscapes, particularly of Italy, France and of course Scotland but also India and South Africa. His bright, fresh, spontaneous, plein air approach resulted in atmospheric impressions. His work was displayed in both national and international exhibitions. The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, National Portrait Gallery, Scottish Arts Council, Aberdeen Art Gallery,Arts Gallery (New York), Holland Art Fair, Cleveland Drawing Biennale, Edinburgh Festival and the Centre D'Art Contemporaine (Paris) are among the collections that contain his work. 


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