Hazel Thorn graduated with first class honours from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 followed by an MFA and has just completed her artist in residency at ECA. Originally from Grantown on Spey, her sensitive sculptural forms and distinctive palette of turquoise, black and silver have already won her numerous awards. ‘I grew up in a remote part of the Highlands, and have always loved wild places and natural objects. I do not directly use natural or found materials in my work, but rather explore intuitively with metal, and find that my admiration for the complexity, order and chaos of such forms and places surfaces indirectly. My sculptural vessels are an exploration and celebration of experimental metalwork techniques. The metal elements are fused side-by-side instead of stacked in layers through the sheet. This allows me to make different types of patterns, and as a side effect also means that the work can be hallmarked (as each type of metal is easily visible and goes all the way through the sheet to the other side). I developed this technique after learning Mokume Gane, the difference being that here the metal elements are fused side-by-side. Most of these pieces are intended as decorative objects rather than for a practical function. Combining metals then patinating the resulting object creates the bold patterns and colours in my work.' The Scottish Gallery will be showcasing new work from Hazel in January 2017.

Public Collections include: The Goldsmiths’ Company, London, The Incorporation of Goldsmiths, Edinburgh

Hazel Thorn was the subject of a solo exhibition Overflowing in January 2017.