Isla Christie

Born: 1994
Place of Birth: Glasgow

Isla Christie has been designing and making playful, geometric jewellery since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2017.

Isla is inspired by the myriad ways in which geometric forms can be constructed, deconstructed and reimagined using CAD software and 3D printing. For her degree collection, she developed a technique of digitally slicing 3D models, which she rebuilds by hand using layers of paper and silver components. She continues to experiment using digital tools alongside hand-making. Many of the shapes and forms present in Isla’s work are inspired by the graphical icons of the digital tools used in her design process.

Her latest designs have developed through endlessly 'playing' with digital technology and 3D printing. Isla creates wearable graphic design; her jewellery features linear patterns, squiggles and abstracted symbols, cast in precious metal. Her work is influenced by ‘80s graphic design, and she incorporates elements such as bright colour gradients, minimalist shapes and grids into her photography and brand aesthetic.

Isla currently works from the Silversmithing & Jewellery department at The Glasgow School of Art, where she is an Artist in Residence.


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