Jennifer Hickey

Born: 1979
Place of Birth: Dublin

Jennifer Hickey was born in Dublin and after graduating from the National College of Art and Design in 2002, she subsequently moved to St.Ives. Following an extended time there she returned to Dublin to set up a studio where she is currently based. Jennifer has recently been selected for the Irish Craft Portfolio Critical Selection 2017/2018 and her work is included in the The Office of Public Works Ireland and in numerous National and International private collections.

Hickey’s most recent body of work involves sewing wafer-thin parts of porcelain together or meticulously stitching them on to tulle. The physicality of the making process allows a different kind of consciousness to be expressed through the completed forms. As the pieces progress spatially, they gain in strength and energy from the repetition in their making.

'I am drawn to the beauty and subtlety of the natural world. Themes of fragility, ephemerality and translucency are central to my work. The rituals of making, the physical rhythms, the process and time involved are very important aspects of my practice. To sense but not to recognise is a common thread throughout my work. The natural properties of my primary materials porcelain and bone china demand particular discipline and delicacy that are a necessary component of the finished pieces. Each piece is made from wafer thin parts that are hand sewn together to create larger sculptural forms.' Jennifer Hickey, 2018.


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