Jonathan Christie

Born: 1969
Place of Birth: London

Jonathan Christie is an artist and designer whose work is inspired by the landscapes and interiors of England, most notably Sussex, Suffolk, Wales and Cornwall.

Jonathan trained at Maidstone College of Art in Kent. He has exhibited extensively throughout Britain, including at The Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden, Essex and The Rowley Gallery in Kensington, London.

“You need to look twice or two hundred times at Jonathan Christie’s work. There is an immediate appeal, it engages, it begins a dialogue. It invites us to ponder, to look again at the ordinary and the everyday. It is subtle, gentle, luminous and with a profoundly spiritual quality: the stuff of our daily lives – a mug, a jug of flowers, a favourite object, the view from a window – through his eyes and hands become symbols of more profound and deeper realities. The techniques of watercolour, pencil and sgraffito on the gesso board require us to look closely, and if we do, we discover that particularly English sensibility: the ordinary revealing the extraordinary; every day as a foretaste of the eternal: there is something of Blake, of Ravilious, of the Romantic in his work: the challenge of learning to be still, quiet and look beneath the surface of things.”

Jonathan Christie was the subject of a solo exhibition at The Scottish Gallery in December 2019 called Sky Sea Land. To find out more and view a catalogue, please click here.


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