Josef Marek

Born: 1963
Place of Birth: Czech Republic

Originally from the Czech Republic, Josef Marek studied at both the Secondary School of Glass Makingin Kamenicky Senov (1978-82) and the Academy of Applied Arts and Architecture in Prague (1990-96), before spending a year at the Alfred University in NewYork, USA between 1994 and 1995. Josef worked for several years as a Professor at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art in Japan before setting up his current studio in the Czech Republic. Josef is a master glass artist who specialises in kiln-formed glass. His work is characterised by using bold geometric forms which are illusive and enigmatic.The technique of using textured and or chipped surfaces capture and transform the natural light inside the glass mass.

“I am often inspired from the feeling I get from different places: the natural and urban landscape, or different cultures. Connections are vital for any artist; Skyfall was inspired by the Scottish landscape and the spiritual atmosphere beyond the visible world. I have always been fascinated by Scotland and its magnificent scenery.”

Public Collections include:

Toyama Museum of Glass; Japan Glasmuseum; Ernsting Stiftung; Coesfeld, Germany

  • Josef Marek


    Moulded cast glass, polished and chipped
    Photograph: Jiri Koudelka