Kazuko Mitsushima

Born: 1946
Place of Birth: Japan

Fascinated by the fluidity and flexibility of glass, Japanese jeweller Kazuko Mitsushima incorporates glass with precious metals to explore elements of the natural world. At the centre of Mitsushima’s existence is the “urge to create” to which everything else subordinates. Mitsushima has been making glass jewellery for over forty years, and the process of making is highly unpredictable and hazardous. She studied at jewellery design in Tokyo and glass at Pilchuck Glass School, USA. Permanent collections include the Corning Museum of Glass, New York; National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh; Hiko-Mizuno College of Jewellery, Tokyo.

“Whenever I watch glass being melted, stirring and flowing wildly as if driven by its own will under extreme heat, I long to freeze and hold this particular moment. And also each time I break the glass, the result is not the same and the experience is a pure adventure. I create basically what I myself find beautiful or intriguing. But as I believe that jewellery never completely comes to life until worn. If someone feels good and happy wearing my jewellery, I am equally happy.”

Kazuko's work featured in the exhibition A Japanese Design in August 2020.


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