Masayuki Hara

Born: 1956
Place of Birth: Osaka

The Gallery is delighted to welcome back the extraordinary super-realist artist Masayuki Hara to The Gallery. Masayuki graduated from Tama Art Univeristy, Japan in 1979 and has since exhibited regularly in Tokyo and in New York. He moved to Britain in 1998 and has been living and working in Scotland since 2005. He will be part of a survey landscape exhibition later this year.

'Super-realist painting implies a huge commitment to the subject. Banality is deliberate in as much early photorealist painting but for the realist looking at landscape the sublime must be present, the fleeting captured in forensic detail. In Hara's work, his painting is an extraordinary achievement that persists in the memory, containing ideas of journey, home and melancholy and renewal.' Guy Peploe

Masayuki Hara took part in the Realist & Lyrical Landscapes exhibition in September 2020


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