Miriam Hanid

Born: 1986

After studying 3 Dimensional design at Farnham University of Creative Arts, Miriam undertook a Postgraduate training course for silversmiths at Bishopsland Educational Trust (2008) where she developed specialist chasing and forming techniques. Having also spent a week in Malcolm Appleby’s workshop she began to incorporate the technique of hand engraving into her work, which allowed her to bring depth and intricate detail into the surface of the silver. Miriam is greatly inspired by the essence of movement in water. She believes water is synonymous with nature and human beings in all its physical and metaphorical representations and finds silver the perfect medium through which to express her ideas. Through techniques such as chasing, repoussé and engraving, she represents the way water shapes the landscape, leaving an impression by carving and removing material.

'In water there is an endless range of forms and patterns, each with its own unique and intricate beauty, never repeating, giving me an infinite visual language with which to express my ideas.' - Miriam Hanid 2015.

Public Collections include: The Victoria & Albert Museum, London; The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths', London; National Museum of Wales & New College Oxford.

Miriam's work will feature in Malcolm Appleby & Friends, August 2021.


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