Richard Goldsworthy

Richard Goldsworthy graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Sculpture in 2019. During his studies, Richard was awarded the RSA Barns-Graham Travel Award in May 2019 and completed a residency at Hospitalfields, Arbroath in April 2018.

Working mainly with wood, Richard carves, chars, bleaches or casts elements to create highly contrasted objects that are visually intriguing. Charring gives the wood a denser, deeper texture beyond its basic colour and contrasts with any metal inclusions, which Richard casts into the wood, as well as with the natural grain and colour of the wood itself.

'I use untreated wood which isn't kiln dried, so every piece reacts differently. It may show evidence of age and can crack or split while I am working with it. It is important to be flexible and sympathetic towards the material when adapting the original idea to these challenges. The random element is important – it as an opportunity to learn from the material and be surprised at the result.' - Richard Goldsworthy.

Richard Goldsworthy will be the subject of a solo exhibition in July 2020.


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