Born in 1871, Samuel John Peploe is the senior of the four artists known as The Scottish Colourists. S.J. Peploe had his first exhibition at The Scottish Gallery in 1903 and a life-long association with us until his death in 1935. He lived in Paris from 1910 until 1912, where his work changed radically from paintings reminiscent of Manet and Sargent to brilliant Fauvist works which placed him in the vanguard of British Modernism. By the time of his early death aged sixty-four in 1935, he was recognised as a great painter but only by a small coterie of collectors and curators, like Ion Harrison and Stanley Cursiter and it has taken a further fifty years for his national and international significance to be fully appreciated.

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Guy Peploe is the world’s leading authority on the work of S.J. Peploe.

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S.J. Peploe by Guy Peploe

S.J. Peploe: Scotland's First Modernist (Exhibition Catalogue, October 2012)


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