Scarlett Bunce

Born: 1998
Place of Birth: Cornwall

"My practise focuses on the technique of beadwork. Each bead and its placement forms an integral part of the finished pattern. It’s a very deliberate and meticulous way of working and, as such comes to represent visually the time and labour invested. Inspired by the versatility of the technique I create two separated bodies of work: a jewellery collection and a silk scarf. Both demonstrate different beading techniques.

My jewellery collection focuses on how I’ve formed the work: each stitch I’ve made is visible through the clear glass beads like a map. The devotion and concentration that the project required is made evident for the viewer. I am drawn to work that has a balance between simplicity and complexity and I feel this comes across within my own designs, creating simple forms made up of detailed, some what mathematical techniques.

I produced the image for my silk scarf by bead weaving on a loom; the image is that of a lace collar. One of the reasons I was interested in depicting an image of lace through beading was because both processes share similar characteristics: slow and repetitive craft. I pixelate an image of lace which I then go on to bead. I am essentially taking away its delicacy by blurring it, and then reintroducing that intricacy with my own set of skills; a way of discussing craft and the artisan."


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