Stacey Bentley

Born: 1986
Place of Birth: West Yorkshire

Originally from West Yorkshire, Stacey now lives and works in Edinburgh. After graduating in 2009 from Edinburgh College of Art with a distinction in MA Jewellery she continues to research the use of industrial enamel in contemporary jewellery design.

The urban landscape strongly influences Stacey’s work and she is fascinated by the process of enamelling and the intensity of colour which it produces. Stacey aims to generate a fusion of traditional and contemporary, challenging enamels initial preconceptions. She begins to do this by manipulating the temperature of the kiln as well as playing with the type and consistency of the enamel and the texture of its fired surface.

Her collection elegantly combines industrial materials such as iron with silver, 18ct gold, vitreous enamel and semi-precious stones, which has gained the interest and support of buyers, collectors and galleries both nationally and internationally.

Permanent Collections include: The Louis and Alice Koch Collection.


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