Steven Cox

Born: 1986
Place of Birth: Aberdeen

Steven Cox was born in Aberdeen in 1986. He completed his BA in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2008 followed by an MA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. Steven currently lives and works in Edinburgh. He recently won the Lepsien Art Foundation Grant Scholarship in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Steven Cox’s work is based on scavenging cities in search of beauty within the mundane. Cox’s interest in degraded, urban surfaces began in 2015 when he was living in Tilberg, Holland, where there is a zero tolerance for fly-posting. Local artists, musicians and promoters endured a nightly battle with the local council to promote their grass route events. The posters that were mounted in the evening would be torn down by morning. Cox saw the beauty in the walls where the residue of paper, glue & spray-paint had been left from this cultural battle.

“I specifically chose to explore this social issue I had witnessed in Tilberg and I created a body of work in response to the interesting textural qualities of these walls. By developing a brushless process of painting, I focused on how I could simultaneously apply and remove paint through a singular action.” - Steven Cox

Through developing new and unconventional transferal painting processes, Steven Cox’s brushless paintings build up in layers of colour and texture creating a rich, textural surface that echoes the torn paper, glue and spray-paint from Tilburg. His ‘stripe’ paintings incorporate the application of oil and spray paint on both sides of the canvas. Vibrant sections of spray paint applied to the reverse of the painting faintly stains through the canvas to form a subtle dialogue with the heavily applied layers of oil paint on the surface.

  • Lines of Knowledge
    Steven Cox

    Lines of Knowledge

    oil and spray paint on canvas
    H:60cm W:50cm
    Price on Application