Tora Urup studied ceramics and glass in Denmark and the UK, graduating from the Royal College of Art, London in 1994 and subsequently returning to Denmark to collaborate with Holmegaard glassworks and Royal Copenhagen porcelain. Since 2001, Tora Urup has been running her own design company. Her work is based upon an interest in modifying simple classical types where the process and character of the material and it's appearance are explored. Tora has, during the last ten years, had a particular interest in exploring the effects obtained within a series of circular glass bowls. The combination of selected colours in layers of glass inter playing with each other and the varying thicknesses of clear glass, enables different spatial perceptions to be experienced which invert the conventional understanding of the traditional glass bowl.

Public collections include:

The Art Council, Copenhagen, Denmark; The Museum of Art & Design, Helsinki, Finland; The Craft & Design Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland; Coburg Glass Museum, Germany


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