Vidar Koksvik

Born: 1969

Vidar Koksvik studied glass at The Orrefors Glass School, Sweden and then at Surrey Institute of Art and Design from 1995 - 98. He is one of Norway’s leading lights in contemporary glass and currently works from his studio in Tjura, Norway.

“I think of myself as a glass sampler. My glassblowing technique is developed from a mixture of influences; some from the Swedish glass school, some from my summers at the Norwegian Randsfjord Glass factory, a good portion of American-Venetian and a hint of British. My artistic language is created much in the same matter; I have a fascination for historical glass, I look to modern and contemporary glass, other crafts and arts and it all informs my own expression in the material. Running a studio glass workshop I enjoy my diverse production, ranging from functional glassware and unique art glass to larger scale installations and commissions. My unique art pieces are all blown, decorative-sculptural with a functional origin, sometimes also engraved and narrative.

The strong fascination with the endless possibilities with cane and murrini never ends. Zanfirico, Latticino, Merletto, Ballottini, Filigrana… The names of the cane techniques alone can evoke addiction. I don’t know if my style of using canes in many layers to create a random, intricate pattern has a name. Maybe I should call it Mille Livello. Or Mille Linee. Anything sounds good in Italian.” Vidar Koksvik

Public Collections include:

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo; West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Bergen; Sørlandets Art Museum, Norway; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Vidar Koksvik's work will feature in a group exhibition in September 2019 - Convergence.


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