Yoshiko Okada

Born: 1972
Place of Birth: Tokyo

Yoshiko Okada was born in Tokyo in Japan in 1972. From 1990-92 she studied clothing and kimono design at Seitoku Technical college in Japan, before coming to the UK in 1995. After a prolonged education studying engraving and stained glass, Yoshiko graduated in three-dimensional design and glass from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 2004. Yoshiko works from her studio in London and works primarily with kiln formed glass, using simple forms symbolically related to the piece, often with small jewel-like elements. Her inspiration is drawn from her own Japanese background in conjunction with her personal experience of western culture. A personal narrative runs through her work.

'My work explores themes of memory, identity, time and the human condition. Although seemingly complicated this often leads me to simple forms of expression and symbolism. Another concern for me are my childhood memories which are a sort of puzzle; to find and piece together the missing pieces, which do not always fit together precisely. I like exploring the surface image,deliberately veiling or reflecting the image.' - Yoshiko Okada

Yoshiko Okada's work featured in the exhibition A Japanese Design in August 2020.


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