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Alexandra Emmeline Barnes

Flower Chafer Beetle brooch, 2023

glass beads, cotton thread, leather, brass wire, stainless steel
H:5.2cm W:3.5cm
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‘Consume’ Brooch, 2022

leather, glass beads, stainless steel
H:8.5cm W:7cm
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Ladybird Beetle Brooch, 2023

glass beads, cotton thread brass wire, 925 sterling silver pin
H:2.5cm W:2.8cm
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‘Oran’ Beetle Brooch, 2023

glass beads, brass wire, cotton thread, plastic beads, stainless steel, leather
H:4.5cm W:2.7cm
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‘Ula’ Beetle Brooch, 2023

glass beads, brass wire, cotton thread, leather, 925 sterling silver pin
H:2.8cm W:2.5cm
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Colony Necklace I, 2022

leather, leather cord, glass beads
L:29cm H:3.7cm W:2.7cm
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Abstract Brooch, Blue, 2023

glass beads, leather, stainless steel
H:3cm W:6cm
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Abstract Brooch, Green, 2023

glass beads, leather, stainless steel
H:5cm W:3cm
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Alexandra Emmeline Barnes

Alexandra passes the time with a multitude of creative hobbies that gave her the foundation to her jewellery style. Her paintings and writing paved the way for her craft and instilled a whimsical flair into the Infest Collection. Looking for the beauty in all things that scuttle and soar, Alexandra’s fascination was captured by the insects she saw in Edinburgh and Glasgow’s museums. This then materialised through her practice of embroidery and beadwork. Alexandra opts for more traditional methods of making with a contemporary uniqueness to delight varying generations of customers and clients.

Alexandra Emmeline Barnes graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2022 with First Class Honours.

Her Infest Collection has been exhibited at the International Graduate Show, Galerie Marzee (Netherlands) and was shortlisted for the John Byrne Award 2022.



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