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Alison McGill – Printmaker

Alison McGill - Printmaker

Meet the Artist

Born: 1974

Alison McGill has always looked with a weather eye on the world around her, immersed in the particular beauty of the natural world revealed by the coincidences of each day. She was initially inspired by the earth seen from above and she developed a technique with pigment and paraffin wax which best represented the drying crust of the earth’s surface, its mineral colours and sweeping fault lines.

Since then Alison’s viewpoint has descended and as her mastery of her medium has developed to embrace new atmospheric subtleties; she can shift from the universal and abstract to the particular character of place, which is the motif of the landscape painter. Her work is still subject to interpretation and her concerns are far from topographical but we can walk with her and look at eye-level at the place where land and sea meet the sky.

Alison is a regular exhibitor at Society and Commercial Gallery group exhibitions throughout the UK and has been showing with the Scottish Gallery since 1997. Her works are held in Private and Public Collections worldwide.

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