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Amy Findlay

Squashed Ring, 2022

oxidised sterling silver
H:7cm W:4cm D:3.5cm
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Moissanite Ring, 2022

oxidised sterling silver, oval synthetic moissanite - UK size P
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Untitled Slug V, 2022

oxidised sterling silver, 55 cz stones in brown, black, Champagne and yellow colours, steel pin
H:4.7cm W:1.1cm D:1.1cm
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Untitled Slug II, 2022

oxidised sterling silver, 108 cz stones in a variety of colours and shapes, steel pin
H:4.3cm W:2.9cm D:1.4cm
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Untitled Slug I, 2022

oxidised sterling silver, 36 cz stones, steel pin
H:5cm W:1.4cm
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Amy Findlay

Slug mucus represents the journey each slug has been on. Leaving behind a trail of slimy mucus across any surface and telling a story of their intentions.
My collection focuses on the disgust of slugs and translating this into fine jewellery, enrapturing the viewer to look closer and create a bond with the unlikely creatures. A fun and playful series of characters are included in the collection. This story is told through the colour, shape and size of stones used. Patination is added to the slugs, giving them a realistic appearance.
Each slug can be worn as a brooch, trailing over your garments, or as a wall decoration. Hand carving each slug and casting them into bronze and silver. I also set a variety of stones into the body to translate the slimy nature and turn them into fine jewellery.

Amy Findlay graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2022. After graduating, she became an Artist in Resident at GSA and is continuing her craft and collection of slugs.

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