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Finlay Grant

Finlay Grant

Meet the Artist

Finlay Grant is a Scottish jewellery artist who has produced a collection of vibrant brooches and neckpieces using coloured resin. The source material that influences Finlay’s work is diverse and can come from all walks of life, although there are a number of recurring themes in his work that stem from his longstanding interest in architecture, geometry, and colour.

As a competitive swimmer, and more recently as a lifeguard, Finlay has spent a lot of time in and around swimming pools and decided to investigate the structure and fabric of this unique environment for his Honours year project, ‘SPLASH’. Finlay was particularly drawn to the distinctive patterns created by the tiles that line the pool and the geometric distortion that takes place when light travels through the moving water.

The process of making always starts with an extensive period of drawing, from both primary and secondary sources. Finlay’s ideas are developed from this relentless need to draw, to visualise his thought processes. This often involves moving away from the source and allowing his drawing to direct and inform new ideas and methods of making.

Finlay’s work is featured in Class of 2021 in February 2022.

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