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Francisca Onumah

Francisca Onumah

Meet the Artist

Place of Birth: Ghana

Hothouse 2020 alumna Francisca Onumah set up her studio within the community of Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. It is from here she has developed her collection of sculptural objects and contemporary jewellery which have become a part of both public and private collections.

Drawn to finding character and a human-like semblance in inanimate objects, the Ghanaian born silversmith creates ambiguous vessels and jewellery that reflect vulnerabilities and strengths through their anthropomorphic forms.

Working from sheet metal, she obsessively layers different mark making techniques, hammering repeated marks as well as folding and impressing patterns onto the surface of the metal. Her approach to mark making displays a distinct tactile signature that mimics other materials such as leather, textiles and wood.

Francisca graduated in 2015 with a MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related products from The School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University.

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