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Iris (Bingyan) Qu

Iris (Bingyan) Qu

Meet the Artist

Born: 1997
Place of Birth: China

Iris Qu was born in China and grew up in a family where both of her parents are landscape architects. Affected by her background, Iris found her interest in design from an early age. She was most attracted by the beauty of the gems and the glows of the metals thus she choose the field to study in university.

Over the learning and practicing at Edinburgh College of Art, Iris has developed a style of combining metal to non-precious materials. As her knowledge grows, she realised jewellery could also be a media for expression. She now sees it as a means of method to connect objects and communicate subjects.

Her background as a science student back in high school in China has provided her the ability to see from multiple perspectives. She appreciates traditional materials and craftsmanship, but she also benefit from technology that boost design and making. Her latest works involve structures that can function only being made precisely. Building digital models to test the size and functionality saves her time and energy in making unnecessary failures, so that she could use this time to experiment with more ideas.

Iris has also experimented with various materials in undergraduate study. With kinetic or interchangeable structures, she intentionally creates more interaction between the wearer and the piece. She believes engaging with the materials is an important way to understand a piece of jewellery.

Iris’ work is featured in Class of 2021 in February 2022.

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