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Julia Albert-Recht


Our Lady of Cats Shrine, 2023

(saint Gertrude) white earthenware, hand built
H:19cm W:26cm
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Lion and Lady Figures, 2023

terracotta earthenware, hand built
H:17cm W:17cm
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Julia Albert-Recht

Photography by Art Photography East Lothian
Born: 1960
Place of Birth: Edinburgh

‘For me it’s all about the decoration and I use the clay as my canvas. I’m a big fan of old English slipware and of course the fun of Staffordshire figures. The Czech folk art influence is clearly there and as for the rest of it, I never really plan. I just sit down and it comes out of my head: birds, beasts, myths and fairy stories – who knows what goes on in there.’ – Julia Albert-Recht

Julia Albert-Recht specialises in wheel-thrown and hand built earthenware pottery. Using earthenware she throws and hand builds, decorating using coloured slips, oxides and sgraffito technique (which involves carving into the wet clay). Albert-Recht works from her small coastal studio in Scotland.


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