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Kirsty Lorenz

Kirsty Lorenz

Meet the Artist

Born: 1969

Kirsty Lorenz is a visual artist for whom flowers are a central subject, depicting them in different ways and contexts through painting, drawing, mixed media and installation.

‘Deep in their roots all flowers hold the light’ Theodore Roethke

Over the years her incorporation of them into her artwork has grown from straight portraiture to more complex compositions and ideas. The Votive Offerings project is an ongoing series of portrayals of wild flower posies. She is making and leaving these posies around Scotland. In this, the work becomes as much about the act of making and leaving the posies in different environments, and the motif of the posy as a gift, as it is a celebration of the form of the flowers and plants portrayed.

She works from her unusual studio on Platform 2, Ladybank Railway Station in Fife. Ladybank Station is a still functioning station on the line from Edinburgh to Dundee. Built c.1850 her studio rooms used to be the old station restaurant which she renovated to create the studio in 2009.

She studied at Goldsmiths College, London 1989-92, then was Hospital Arts Co-ordinator for Artlink-Edinburgh until 2001 when she returned to making her own artwork.

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