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Rie Taniguchi

Small Matters (springtail, fungi, slime mould on leaf litter enlarged), 2023

copper, enamel, silver, gold plating, tagua nuts, pearls, glue
H:5cm W:5cm D:5cm
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Rie Taniguchi

Rie draws her inspiration freely from everything she sees, reads and hears. Her main interests and concerns, aside from arts, are in environment and wildlife, relationship between those with humans. News, folk tales and myths all come into consideration. She tries to express essence of things with simple, expressive forms and clean lines, and funny and dark sense of humour and playfulness. Physical and feel of movements are also evident. Images from her childhood still influence her through experience of making numerous drawings. Recently she has been drawing animals from photographs and films again before drawing from memory and designing, and developing softer shapes using Britannia silver.

Japanese born designer / maker Rie Taniguchi, trained at London Guildhall University where she graduated 1998 with MA silversmithing, jewellery and allied crafts.

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