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Satoshi Kino


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Satoshi Kino

Born: 1987
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan

Based in Taipei, Taiwan and originally from Kyoto, Satoshi Kino’s porcelain sculptures are inspired by the serenity inherently found in water, the air, plants, and other natural elements. Kino draws inspiration from the Japanese words used to describe the natural world. For example, oroshi is the Japanese term for a strong wind blowing down the slope of a mountain, so we see the delicate edges of his sculptures evoking the sharpness of the wind and the celadon blue glaze representing the wind chill.

Public collections include: City Council of Marratxí, Majorca; Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Italy; National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Fuping Pottery Art Village, Shaanxi, China; Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo, Japan; New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan; Newark Museum, Newark, New Jersey, USA.

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