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Stephanie Dees


Stephanie Dees

Meet the Artist

Born: 1974

Stephanie Dees was born in Northumberland, and raised in North Berwick before undertaking her formal art training at Edinburgh College of Art. She graduated with BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting and an MFA in Painting, and she has been exhibiting at The Scottish Gallery since 1997.

Stephanie’s work portrays the transformative effect of light and season on both rural and urban landscapes. She uses mixed media, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, oil bar and oil pastel with quick expressive marks to convey the patterns and rhythms of Edinburgh’s New Town architecture. She sometimes uses pure watercolour to help her portray the translucency of a pale winter sky, or the reflective poignancy of a summer evening looking out to sea, when her subject shifts to the countryside in East Lothian or the Harbour Towns of the East Neuk.


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