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Takuya Kamiyama

Takuya Kamiyama

Meet the Artist

Born: 1989
Place of Birth: Tochigi, Japan

Takuya Kamiyama was born in Tochigi, Japan. In 2017 he graduated from Musashino Art University, in Tokyo. Takuya studied traditional craft and metalwork under Hiroshi Suzuki and worked for a time as a Metal Departmental Assistant. He has recently graduated from Bishopsland in the UK and has recently been working with silversmith Ndidi Ekubia in Manchester.

“My style is inspired by the natural world, from observing very closely the surface qualities and textures in nature, experimenting with them and then translating them into my work, often using hand raising, punching and chasing. Aesthetics are a priority for me, but I always keep functionality in mind, and mix old and new techniques – my influences are more contemporary but I have great respect for the historic, too. I have been inspired by Hiroshi Suzuki, an influential contemporary silversmith, who I’ve been lucky enough to work under, learning raising techniques. I graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and worked for a time as a Metal Department Assistant. I came to the UK to study with Bishopsland Education Trust to further my silversmithing skills.”

Takuya Kamiyama won the Goldsmiths’ Company Bursary Award 2017, London.

Takuya’s work was featured in A Natural Selection, May 2019 and also featured in A Japanese Design, 30 July – 29 August 2020.

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